Tuesday, 13 November 2012

REVIEW 2012, #1: Alex Neilson's Highlights

Alex Neilson (drummer, singer, songwriter)

My Highlights 2012:


6 Organs of Admittance: Ascent (Drag City) 

Stephanie Hladowski & C. Joynes: The Wild Wild Berry (Bo Weavil)

V/A: Electric Eden (Universal)

V/A: I'm A Romany Rai, V/A (Topic)

Josephine Foster: Bloodrushing (Fire)


6 Organs of Admittance, Glad Cafe, Glasgow

Stephanie Hladowski, Wharf Chambers, Leeds
Ashtray Navigations, Old Hairdressers, Glasgow                                                     Josephine Foster

Martin Carthy & Dave Swarbrick, Milngavie Folk Club, Glasgow 

Bonnie 'Prince' Billy & Cairo Gang, Celtic Connections festival, Fruitmarket, Glasgow

Beyond music (art exhibitions / books / films etc):

Lucy Stein's 'Orgasms in Hell' exhibition, Martin Van Zomeron Gallery, Amsterdam

Graham Sutherland exhibition, MOMA, Oxford

Dennis Potter's 'Singing Detective' (TV series, BBC)

'A Writer's Life', Philip Larkin biography by Andrew Motion

'The Big Music' book by Kirsty Gunn

Alex Neilson is a drummer, singer & songwriter based in Glasgow. He is leader of the folk-rock band The Trembling Bells and plays with Current 93.                                                                             
 New Release: The Trembling Bells with Bonnie 'Prince' BillyThe Marble Downs (Honest Jons Records)

                               The Trembling Bells with Alex Neilson, second from left                 


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