Wednesday, 14 November 2012

REVIEW 2012 #3: Alasdair Roberts' Highlights

Alasdair Roberts, folksinger

My Highlights 2012

Azita: Disturbing the Air (Drag City)
Josephine Foster: Blood Rushing (Fire)
Good People, Take Warning: Ballads sung by British and Irish Traditional Singers (Topic)
Ustad Abdul Karim Khan: 1934-1935 (Important)
Sycamore: With Friends (Ubisano)


The Family Elan, 13th Note, Glasgow
Martin Simpson, Dick Gaughan, June Tabor, City Halls, Glasgow
Two Wings, A Carefully Planned Festival, Manchester
Notty's Jug Serenaders, Schlachtfest Sigmaringen
Sycamore, Kinning Park Complex, Glasgow

Beyond Music / Reading

John Muir: The Wilderness Journeys
Peter Redgrove: Collected Poems
Sorley MacLean: Caoir Gheal Leumhraich
Georges Perec: Life: A User's Manual
Michael Bakhtin: Rabelais and His World

Alasdair Roberts is a Scottish folksinger and songwriter, living in Glasgow. He has worked with Will Oldham as a producer and with gaelic singer Mairi Morrison, and his leading his own band.

Latest releases: 
Alasdair Roberts with Mairi Morrison: Urstan (Drag City)
Alasdair Roberts and friends: Too long in this condition (Drag City)

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