Monday 29 July 2013

J.J. CALE gestorben

John Weldon Cale (5. Dezember 1938 – 26. Juli 2013)

J.J. CALE in his own words:

"I actually live in a house now. I lived in a trailer quite a long time, but not lately. No, I actually have a house, a yard, all the regular trappings of a domestic life."

"I'm a shade tree engineer. I used to make a living as an engineer before I got into songwriting. And so yeah, I overly screw with it because you can. And I don't think that really helps it any at all--it probably hinders it, really. But I think all us musicians, engineers, studio kind of people, we definitely screw with it more than we should. It's like a puzzle or something, like a video game, you can mess with it all day long."

"I try, sometimes, to get out of my own bag, but it ends up that all my records kind of sound like they're me. I try to get out of it, but you can't change that - I can't, anyway. I guess I could with electronics and studios and all that kind of stuff. But I'll eventually say, 'Well, that don't really sound like me.'"

"I mean, I'm a songwriter, and what I really should have done early in my career is hire me somebody that could really sing and said: "Now go out here and sing this!" That also hinders my songwriting because I can only hit about two notes. If I want to write some kind of melody of a song that everybody would like, I can't perform the damn thing. So I have to write it in this two-note thing, and that's why my records kind of all sound that way. It works, but it also has its limitations. It keeps me from writing songs that I'd write if I had a good singer to sing it."

"Eric Clapton cut a bunch of my songs. He's the reason I don't have to work for a living anymore. Thanks to Eric cutting my songs, it's kept me from having to get a job as a taxi driver."

"I think what I did was, a lot of musicians listened to my records and used some of that kind of a sound I get that I try not to get."

"Being famous, it's great for your ego - I mean, hey, "Everybody loves me!" But I noticed if you got real big, man, you don't have a real life. It affects the way you look at life. So when I started making records that went outside my hometown, and went, "Whoa, they know who I am in Paris, France," that kind of thing, I kind of laid back on the publicity. And they've called me a recluse because of that. I'm not a recluse, or whatever."

"I'd like to play music and have enough people to listen to it when I want to do that, or I'd love to make records and have enough people to buy the records to where it pays for making the record and putting it out without having all the - so early on I had that kind of thing. I've backed it off a couple times when I thought it was getting out of hand. "Well, do you want to be on The Jay Leno Show?" And I'd say, "Not really. That way I can have my music, it doesn't get real big, but I still make a profit, and I don't have to jump through hoops, man, and be something I'm really not."

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