Friday, 7 November 2014

Best of 2014: ALEX NEILSON

ALEX NEILSON (Glasgow, Scotland / Drummer, Singer and Songwirter of Trembling Bells, Crying Lion und Death Shanties)

2014 has been a bumper year for killer new releases from friends and collaborators: New Bums' "Voices from Rented Room",  Elisa Ambrogio's "The Immoralist" and Current 93's "I Am The Last Of The Field That Fell" to name a few. 

But the release that's really got my needle trembling is Columbia records reissue of "The Complete Basement Tapes" by Bob Dylan. A vast repository of folk and country songs, improvisations, songs written on the fly- this is Dylan at his most relaxed and creatively fertile. Slipping off the manacle of his "voice of a generation" legend and drinking directly from the wellspring of creative abundance. All inventively and sensuously brought to life by The Band.

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