Friday, 7 November 2014

Best Of 2014: JUSTIN ADAMS

Justin Adams (Bath, UK / guitarist of Robert Plant & The Sentational Space Shifters)

1. Tune-Yards: Nikki Nack 
I just discovered them very recently -I always like heavy percussion grooves with Female vocals from Iko Iko to Berber tribes , this is a very contemporary and intelligent version.

2. James Hood: Celebration
 I don't like New Age music or the Hang drum ( a kind of Swiss hippy version of a Steel Drum) but this album managed to overcome my prejudices and sounds beautiful in my house. Rhythmic ambient music.

3. Angel Haze: Dirty Gold 
My son keeps me in touch with Hip Hop and Dubstep , which is where I feel the real new Rock and Roll is. Angel Haze is a female rapper with some great beats and strong attitude.

4. Fofoulah / drummer Dave Smith
Plays with me in the Robert Plant band and previously Juju- this is his other project which mixes Senegalese Sabar rhythms with cool electronic sounds and some loose limbed polyrhythmic playing.

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